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Educational Videogame Design   Shravya Yeragani

Educational Videogame Design

120 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Despite the tremendous growth that the educational gaming industry is currently experiencing, there are few educational games explicitly focused on literature. Literature, however, is a core subject taught in schools worldwide, and one that many students find insufficiently interactive. The project outlined in this book aims to create an engaging and interactive context for the study of literature through the design of a videogame for the international market that supplements the teaching of English poetry at the high school level. The videogame introduces players to English poetry in conjunction with forms of media familiar to high school students, such as images, videos, and popular songs. At the time of this writing, this book constitutes one of very few scholarly attempts at designing an educational videogame to support the teaching of literature. The main results of this project suggest that a multimedia-centred approach to teaching literature may be more accessible to high...
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