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Semantic Decision Tables   Yan Tang

Semantic Decision Tables

248 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Researchers have been investigating the study of decision tables for more than fifty years. As an important tool to support Information System Management, it is widely used by non-technical business people. The interest of decision tables has been rising steadily. Semantic Decision Tables (SDTs), as a kind of advanced decision tables, provide a means to capture and examine decision makers'' concepts, as well as a tool for refining their knowledge and facilitating knowledge sharing in a scalable manner. SDT adapts modern ontology engineering (OE) technologies to refine the semantics in a decision table (or any well structured decision resources). This book covers three parts - background, theory and application - in order to support the full engineering cycle of SDT. Three SDT applications, which are applied in the domain of human resource management, show the possibilities of using SDT to monitor processes and present semantically rich decision rules to non-technical business people....
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