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Desktop Grid Computing for Commercial Simulation Packages   Navonil Mustafee

Desktop Grid Computing for Commercial Simulation Packages

488 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Collaborative research has facilitated the development of distributed systems that provide users non-trivial access to geographically dispersed resources that are administered in multiple computer domains. The term grid computing is popularly used to refer to such distributed systems. Scientific simulations have traditionally been the primary benefactor of grid computing. The application of this technology to simulation in industry has, however, been negligible. In this book the author investigates the application of grid technology for effective use by simulation practitioners using Windows-based Commercially-available Simulation Packages (CSPs) to model simulations in industry. Towards this end, specific grid computing services and software (grid middleware) are identified and its application demonstrated through use of case studies. With its focus on end-users and end-user tools, it is intended that this book will encourage wider adoption of grid computing in the workplace and that...
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