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An Improved Hough Transform Algorithm in Iris Recognition System   Saeed Khorashadizadeh

An Improved Hough Transform Algorithm in Iris Recognition System

140 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The security is an important aspect in our daily life whichever the system is considered, security plays vital role. The biometric person identification technique based on the pattern of human iris is suitable to be applied to access control and provides strong e-security. Iris recognition is one of important biometric recognition approaches in human identification is very active topic in research and practical application. Iris Recognition System consists of Acquisition, Localization, Feature Extraction and Feature Matching phases. Circular Hough Transform is one the best suitable algorithm in segmentation phase, but as a result of having two for-loops in its structure; CHT algorithm consumes high time processing and uses high storage capacity. These drawbacks make it hardly appropriate for real time applications of iris recognition system. To improve time and storage complexity, firstly, a pre-processing of CUHK iris image dataset is done to eliminate unnecessarily regions and...
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