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RFID Based System for Child Safety   M. Sarosh Umar,Zeba Khanam and Shagufta A.

RFID Based System for Child Safety

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Time and again unfortunate incidents involving breach of security of children all over the world have surfaced. Fatal stampedes, drowning in swimming pool, locking up in the bus are some of the tragic incidents that have been a part of the headlines in recent times. This grave problem of safety and security of young children has drawn the attention of the society and numerous solutions have been proposed ranging from employment of manpower for monitoring to installation of CCTV cameras at critical locations to name few. However, since most solutions involve human aspect they are not very reliable and have frequently failed. This book demonstrates the use of the emerging technology of RFID alongwith GPS and GPRS to address the issue of constant monitoring of the child and generating alarms and alerts in the event of some unforeseen and undesired situation. This scheme not only provides security but at the same time identifies the impending danger which looms in critical situations....
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