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Cryptography based Visual Data Protection   Naveed Islam

Cryptography based Visual Data Protection

172 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The principal objective of this manuscript is to achieve protection of visual data especially images through modern cryptographic techniques. In this context, the focus of the work in perspective is two folded. The first part of our work focuses on the security of image data in shared environment while the second part focuses on the integrity of image data in the encrypted domain during transmission. We proposed a new sharing scheme for images which exploits the additive and multiplicative homomorphic properties of two well-known public key cryptosystems, namely, the RSA and the Paillier. The proposed approach employs the secret sharing scheme in a way that limits the influence of the dealer over the protocol by allowing each player to participate. The second part of this manuscript emphasizes on the integrity of visual data during transmission. Data integrity means that the data have its complete structure during any operation like storage, transfer or retrieval. We address the...
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