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Combining Spatial and Non-spatial Data for Knowledge Discovery   Shubhamoy Dey

Combining Spatial and Non-spatial Data for Knowledge Discovery

296 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is the result of innovative research in combining data from spatial and non-spatial sources for knowledge discovery. Though there has been an explosive growth in data collection and storage capability during the last two decades and many of the data repositories contain location data in the form of spatial references, the wealth of spatial information present in the data is seldom utilised. This unique work establishes that mining of GIS (or other forms of spatial) data in conjunction with the non-spatial data linked together by the location information can successfully detect broad spatial trends over large spatial extents, as well as localised spatial associations. The applicability of the novel framework and algorithmic solutions developed has been demonstrated using real sales data from a supermarket chain. The contents within these covers will be found useful both by data mining students and researchers, and practitioners who would like to use the solution developed for...
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