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Information Technology Perspective   Marcus Aseervatham

Information Technology Perspective

236 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Banking is essentially an industry, which carries on its operations mainly based on the confidence and faith of its customers. It has undoubtedly to grow on the quality of service rendered by it, since service is the end product of a bank. Banking in India is at the threshold of change, and the single largest force behind this process has been technology. The benefits of technology and the need for induction of networked technology in day-to-day functioning are clear to all banks. Technological upgradation is a process that is taking place in the banking industry for long and have changed the focus of the Public Sector Banks and so also the expectation of the bank customers and the officials of the banks. Thus the study is concern about Information Technology perceptive about the bank customers and the officials of the Public Sector Banks. An attempt is also made to identify the Policy Initiative and the support given by Reserve Bank and the Government in this endeavour making...
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