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Data Exploration Interface for Digital Forensics   Varun Dontula

Data Exploration Interface for Digital Forensics

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The fast capacity growth of cheap storage devices presents an ever-growing problem of scale for digital forensic investigations. One aspect of scale problem in the forensic process is the need for new approaches to visually presenting and analyzing large amounts of data. Current generation of tools universally employ three basic GUI components—trees, tables, and viewers—to present all relevant information. This approach is not scalable as increasing the size of the input data leads to a proportional increase in the amount of data presented to the analyst. We present an alternative approach, which leverages data visualization techniques to provide a more intuitive interface to explore the forensic target. We use tree visualization techniques to give the analyst both a high-level view of the file system and an efficient means to drill down into the details. Further, we provide means to search for keywords and filter the data by time period.
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