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Service Quality of Educational-Related E-Service in Nigeria   Bello Olayiwola Wasiu

Service Quality of Educational-Related E-Service in Nigeria

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tertiary Institutions in nigeria now rely on various types of e-services to facilitate smooth running of the schools and to ensure effective and efficient delivey of services. In this study, the quality of e-service offered through websites of some tertiary institutions in Nigeria were examined with the aim of measuring the quality of services delivered through the websites and therefore gaining a better understanding of the dimensions of educational-related e-service and how the dimensions affect students perception of the quality of service from these websites.Based on the findings, it was suggested that tertiary institutions should incorporate the right dimensions of e-service in their websites and also provide more services that will endear the students to the websites. This is to ensure that students use such websites extensively and thereby fulfilling the objectives for offering these websites, such as better course management, cost reduction and smooth administration.
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