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IS Area Spin-off of small-sized company in Mexico   Luis Heimpel

IS Area Spin-off of small-sized company in Mexico

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present work pretends to describe the set of steps and guidelines followed to perform a one-area spin-off in a small sized company in Mexico. The area in particular covered in this work is the Information Systems Department. Even when the work is covering a spin-off and for a technology area, it is the opinion of the author of this work that this same process can be followed in any other area of a company, and in spin-off or integration activities. The process herein contained is a complement of both the common administrative process, and the project management methodology defined by the PMI (Project Management Institute); by using and complementing both methodologies, the project proved both were right on their statements, and the correct implementation of both lead the whole project to a complete success. This work is not intended to include full coverage on technical issues, but rather be a management guide with concepts on what and how it has to be done in...
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