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e-Governance for Banks in Bangladesh   A. K. M. Zaidi Satter and Shibli Shahriar

e-Governance for Banks in Bangladesh

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the onset of information revolution, many developing countries have looked at Information Technology (IT) as a possible new tool to solve age-old problems of poverty, bad governance, and sluggish economic growth. While the developed countries have been able to benefit greatly from the wide use of IT, many developing countries are still grasping to make sense of how IT fits into their problems.The trend is true in the case of e-Governance also. In Bangladesh, e-Governance has been talked about a lot, some government offices and banks have even taken innovative steps towards certain e-Government projects. Since this is a new concept for government officials who are used to familiar methods of work, the growth of e-Governance is met with resistance and fear, among other infrastructural problems. This research monograph is a little attempt from the authors on the concept of e-Governance and its application for the banks in Bangladesh. It also focuses on the challenges and...
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