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Design & Development of Institutional Repositories   Poornima Narayana

Design & Development of Institutional Repositories

404 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book attempts to study the Problems and Perspectives in Design and Development of Institutional Repositories (IR). The serial crisis lead to Open Access Movement in the world with the emergence of its prominent channel; the IRs - an Organization based service for the management and dissemination of digital materials created by the institution and its community members. IRs provide visibility, preserve the heritage, enhance prestige of the institution, prorogate/promote the research and facilitate interaction among the scientists/academicians. This study has evaluated major IRs set up in the world and especially in India in terms of IR software (commercial and open), infrastructure, archival issues, subject, document type and language in depth resulting in the evolution of suitable different IR models both in global and national context. Based on the interactions of IR managers/administrators both from world’s and India’s leading IRs and user community of scientists and...
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