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SOA Service Lifecycle and SOA Service Lifecycle Governance   Sangeetha Krishna Kumar and Prasanna Venkatesan Venkatasamy

SOA Service Lifecycle and SOA Service Lifecycle Governance

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a widespread architecture methodology which consists of assembling a set of services in an interoperable form to satisfy business goals. In general, architectural decisions play a vital role in modelling any software system and so its effect is important throughout the existence of the software. Early evaluation of system requirements and architecture saves time, effort and money. Therefore, by appropriately applying the service oriented architecture principles in structuring and developing the services and using the right implementation of SOA based technology, SOA promises to be an excellent facilitator in enabling business agility. Hence, there is a critical need to have a clear understanding of how to analyse, design, develop, implement and maintain the services in order to be successful with SOA. As a result, this book presents the SOA service lifecycle and SOA service lifecycle governance in a comprehensive manner.
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