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Grouping Biological Data   David Rundqvist

Grouping Biological Data

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today, scientists in biomedical ?elds rely on biological data sources in their research. Large amounts of information concerning genes, proteins and diseases are available on the internet, and are used daily for acquiring knowledge. Typically, biological data is spread across multiple sources, which has led to heterogeneity and redundancy. The current thesis suggests grouping as one way of computationally managing biological data. A conceptual model for this purpose is presented, which takes properties speci?c for biological data into account. The model de?nes sub-tasks and key issues where multiple solutions are possible, and describes what approaches that have been used in earlier work. Further, an implementation of this model is described, as well as test cases which show that the model is indeed useful. Since the use of ontologies is relatively new in the management of biological data, the main focus of the thesis is on how semantic similarity of ontological annotations can be...
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