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Design and Implementation of a Common System for Office Digitization   G.M. Faysal Ahmad

Design and Implementation of a Common System for Office Digitization

72 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Generally Government organization possesses different sections like Finance, Purchase, Administration, Training, Common Service, Hunan Resource, Training etc. and all the sections separately more or less do the same type of management. So it is possible to specify a common multiuser/multi-module system that is applicable for all the organization that reduces cost significantly and can provide a better secure system as it will be a nonrecurring process. It eases the management process and ensures smooth in-house operation. The main objective of this paper is to finalize the framework for developing a common MIS for Government Organization and to define structure of technology & architecture of MIS that applicable for all the Government Organization. MIS and corresponding database will run in their local infrastructure and the data will be uploaded everyday from the local server to the central server by a scheduler process. It will reduce the risk of information lost due to failure of...
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