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Measuring E-Learning Systems Success   Ahmed Alsabawy

Measuring E-Learning Systems Success

548 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The education sector has been radically affected by developments in information technology. In the education arena, substantial funds have been invested in the systematic development of technology infrastructure. This book proposes an evaluation methodology model to assess e-learning systems success. The model proposed is one which includes eight constructs: IT infrastructure services; system quality; information quality; service delivery quality; perceived usefulness; user satisfaction; customer value; and organizational value. A range of stakeholders such as students, academic staff, and ICT staff are considered in this model. The book contributed to the body of knowledge by providing a valid and reliable model to measure the success of e-learning systems. Moreover, this study contributes to the practitioners, recommending universities and educational institutions that develop and support e-learning systems.
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