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Building and Evaluating a SOA-Based Model   Yousef AL-Ashqar

Building and Evaluating a SOA-Based Model

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
E-Commerce systems are characterized by complex Web applications that use different operating systems and different technologies. One of the most popular E-Commerce applications is conducted between businesses and between a business and a consumer is Purchase Order Management . It consists of components such as Sales, Shipping and Billing. In many cases nowadays POM components use integration approaches that lack interoperability and manageability resulting in customer dissatisfaction and time consumption. In this research, we build a model to overcome shortcomings of current POM system. The model is based on the Service Oriented Architecture principles, Enterprise Service Bus, and Web services. They offer many advantages and help achieve the goals of interoperability and manageability. The proposed model is evaluated by using a scenario based software architecture method and proves that it achieves the quality attributes set as goals for the model. A case study of the model is...
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