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Secure Electronic Voting   Nirmalya Kar and Sharmistha Roy

Secure Electronic Voting

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the use of a cryptographically secure e-voting system, as the one presented in the book, many of the issues, that have challenged traditional voting systems in the past, are bound to be resolved providing peace of mind to both voters and election candidates. At every step the system maintains confidentiality, security, privacy & authentication. The new system preserves the integrity of the voting process from the minute a voter steps in to cast his/her vote until the cast vote is registered in favor of the chosen candidate at a globally allocated DB repository. The proposed system is capable of denying access to any illegal voter/s, preventing multiple votes by the same voter, and blocking any introduced forms of malice that would adversely affect the voting process altogether. The system also provides the facility for every voter to verify their votes after the completion of the Voting process which increases trust and satisfaction of every citizen. This research has been done...
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