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Development Of An Efficient Grid Based Partitioning -Around -Medoids   Faisal Bin Al Abid

Development Of An Efficient Grid Based Partitioning -Around -Medoids

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Yes, YOU! Do you know that you have already encountered the concepts of data mining in your everyday life? HOW? Let's see. Data Mining: from these words you can understand what it is. It is the extraction of information from data. Clustering is a part of data mining. It is a mechanism that groups similar data in one group and dissimilar data in other groups. Believe me, you have already encountered the mechanism of clustering whenever you have entered the library. Got shocked? Let me explain. Suppose you like novels, so all the books of novel are stored in the same side of shelves. Suppose, from the novels you like the most of Shakespeare. So, furthermore, all the novels of Shakespeare are grouped in one shelf. So, here first we group ,that is, cluster the similar books, for example ,novels and then furthermore group the novels , i.e cluster novels based on the name of the authors. So, that is how it goes.In order to do so, we use different algorithms. The approach in this book is...
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