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e-Learning, Challenges and Impact on Education   Chandan Srivastava

e-Learning, Challenges and Impact on Education

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tremendous advancements in the internet evolutions and computer technology have led to all kind of new approaches both in the learning and training, summarized under the term of e-Learning. This study explains what could one expect from the e-Learning. With the particular focus on technological basis, the present research examines undermining prerequisites for the e-Learning environments, such as the pedagogical, functional and non-functional requirements towards the forthcoming education and knowledge systems. A special focus is given on the subject of Training and Learning Environments dedicated for the e-Learning. By taking account of the importance of increasing inter-operability, cutting costs and gaining acceptance, we consider the role of successfully completed e-Learning studies towards the perspective educational environments, and thereby discuss the concerned ideas for forthcoming developments of the education.
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