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Provisioning a Virtual IT Lab Using Open Source Solutions   Castro Yoga

Provisioning a Virtual IT Lab Using Open Source Solutions

120 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the growing number of student’s population every year, access to IT Lab resources is proving to be a great challenge to Universities. The ideal solution would perhaps be to increase the amount of investment for expansion of these resources, but the greatest challenge is the limited finance and lack of appropriate funding towards expansion. This has led to sharing of IT labs among various Schools and faculties within learning institutions, disadvantaging especially those students (IT students) who require specialized resources and more hours of lab work in comparison to students from other fields of study. This book has dwelt on the deployment of a virtual IT lab using open source solution, where users are able to access virtualized IT resources without necessarily being in a physical Lab. With this the author is able to demonstrate how learning institutions would be able to reduce costs, minimize space usage, increase flexibility and simplify systems administration by deploying...
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