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Smart Solar Grid   Diogo Morgado and Paulo Ferreira

Smart Solar Grid

92 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Solar energy is a subject of great development which led to the concept of Solar Roads: photovoltaic panels along the highways and roads. SmartSolarGrid is the merge of Solar Roads with Smart Grids with improved efficiency and control. The aim is to develop a software tool that further improves the efficiency of the electricity produced by automatically deciding in real time its destination: i) store the energy ii) sell it to the global national-wide electric company iii) sell it to the local electric company. In SmartSolarGrid we developed a hierarchical server infrastructure; each server responsible for a particular solar production site and connected to an upper level server. This upper level server performs group based decisions that are aware of regional (national) data (global prices, battery levels, traffic and weather predictions). We developed a software tool for electric cars which gives its driver suggestions about what he can do with the remaining energy stored in the car...
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