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Transforming Health Care Service Delivery Through ICT   Anthony Renner-Micah

Transforming Health Care Service Delivery Through ICT

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wide spread implementation and diffusion of information and communications technology in health care service delivery is taking center stage in Ghana’s developmental agenda. This has become necessary to provide quality service that can be utilized by patients and health seekers in even the remotest parts of the country. This is also necessary to improve the productivity and speed of service delivery on the side of the care givers and policy makers. This study an explorative one, examines and documents the development and technologies that form part of the National Health Insurance Scheme's Nation-wide ICT Infrastructure. In addition the study also sought to assess its impact at enhancing productivity and health care service experience by district officers and health care seekers respectively The findings from this research is most revealing with the development and deployment of a wide area network and an enterprise relational database management system improving data...
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