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Project Dionysius   Luca Guadagnini

Project Dionysius

88 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In those last years there has not been a real application of the peer-to-peer paradigm in the area of the databases. Some solutions have been provided in order to find a way for enriching or sharing the data sets of different databases over a network, but they are still under development or they share the same basic ideas. For this reason this work wants to face another kind approach by starting from the scratch the development of a pure peer-to-peer database management system. The main goal is to design from the bottom a peer-to-peer database and such database handled by a its own suitable DBMS. Therefore it has been establish the right architecture for the DBMS, how a peer-to-peer database must be created and how must be managed, another thing this work wants to achieve is that an ordinary user can use such P2PDBMS as it was an ordinary DBMS. In order to accomplish such task the project Dionysius will introduce some concepts such as sub-schemas and binding tables.
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