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GIS - SCADA Integration: Approach for Power Distribution   Priyanka Verma and Sumit Verma

GIS - SCADA Integration: Approach for Power Distribution

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Try to imagine, for a moment, life without electricity. I'm sure trying to imagine life without electricity is as difficult for us as would have been for our great-great grandparents to imagine life with electricity .Do you have one that you could find in the dark, right now? If so, congratulations!!! The loss of power means the complete loss of normalcy. Their lifestyle is so dependent upon the grid’s constancy that they do not know how to function without it.We take it for Granted. Hence for it is important to have proper distribution of electricity. Here comes GIS is the "right fit” to enhance the process which gives Power to the Consumer and GIS User.Every system (for e.g. SCADA, Network Analysis, Arc FM etc) in a utility has a specialized role to play. The GIS system is never a substitute to any of these systems,but once integrated enterprise wide, it would enhance their capabilities, hence increasing the benefits. GIS provides you with an efficient platform for data management,...
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