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The New Theatre Handbook and Digest of Plays   Bernard Sobel

The New Theatre Handbook and Digest of Plays

150x215 750 страниц. 1959 год.
Crown Publishers
This book is intended for the serious student of the theatre, and at the same time it is the intention of editor and publisher that no lover of the theatre escape. Theatre is several parts glamor, drama is several parts literature and the make up of the handbook must establish a nice balance between the two. A book filled with the fascinating apocrypha of the theatre would undoubtedly be attractive, at the same time that the more austere book of facts might be considered an unlikely candidate for the best seller list. It is our hope that we have combined the two to make this volume a book to keep on your desk against that emergency question we all know will come. At the same time Bernard Sobel and I trust that it is a volume that those lovers of the theatre in our country can read, quietly with pleasure and profit. We have included a few topics that are unusual and are proud to point out that no more extensive grouping of plays by subject exists. We make haste to assure you that...
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