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ICT Policy and Strategies   Joseph Wafula

ICT Policy and Strategies

280 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
This book articulates how ICT policy and e-strategy can spur good governance and sustainable development in Kenya and the EAC Sub-region. It argues that ICT policy and e-strategy and not charity, shall determine whether new technologies become tools for good governance and sustainable development. It challenges governments to take lead in incubating new ICT applications if faster and sustainable adoption of the technology is expected. This book presents the observation that the Kenyan laws and regulations relating to ICT had five key characteristics that made them inadequate. The probable basis for the identified characteristics is cited, followed by the accompanying recommendations of the appropriate legal and regulatory reforms needed in order to create an enabling environment in Kenya. Trends in ICT indicators such as mobile phone subscribers, mobile communications revenue, annual telecommunication investment and International bandwidth of OECD, COMESA and EAC countries have been...
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