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Web-based Project Information System   Kamruzzaman Md and Michel Mesa

Web-based Project Information System

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We studied several existing works in similar problem field to understand how the project information are managed and tracked. Outcome of such studied has given us a better picture towards developing a solution for this project. After requirement analysis and studying similar problem domains in different organisation, we have designed a solution to demonstrate how we can solve our problem domain. This includes identifying different entities which interact with each other in order to pass information in a structure way. The interaction and dependency between entities are shown in the E-R analysis phase. The E-R (Entity Relationship) analysis is the foundation to design the database for the proposed solution. Based on the information we found from the work-flow (content-flow) and E-R analysis, the database tables have been identified and constructed. In order to demonstrate and prove our proposed solution, we have developed a prototype of the system (WPIS). This prototype is considered...
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