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Baby Says Peekaboo!  

Baby Says Peekaboo!

180x180 8 страниц. 2013 год.
Дорлинг Киндерсли
Play Peekaboo with Your Baby And Hear them Giggle in Delight as Hidden Surprises are Revealed. It Helps You Discover a New Spin on an Old Classic with Peekaboo! Baby Says, a Fun Book that is Guaranteed to Make Your Baby Smile. Babies Says Playing Peek-a-boo From about six months onwards and this simple book is the perfect introduction. Each Exciting Spread Contains Large Flaps Perfect for Little Hands that Reveal Appealing Images of Babies And Toys; with Baby-Appropriate Touch-And-Feel Elements Such as Sparkly Foil, Mirrors And Soft Fabrics. The Simple Text Encourages Fun Interaction Between Parent And Child, Which Will Help Your Baby Develop Better Imagination, Thinking And Memory Skills. Once Your Baby Discovers Peekaboo! Baby Says They Won't be Able to Get Enough of it.
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