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Performance Enhancement of TCP over Wireless Network   Md. Shah Jahan Rahman

Performance Enhancement of TCP over Wireless Network

72 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
TCP is the widely used transport protocol across the internet but it was originally designed for wired networks. In wireless networks, TCP encounters serious problems due to the physical properties of the wireless medium. The proposed model has implemented by TCP-LPA (Loss Piece ACK) for wireless network and its performance has compared with that of TCP-DBA (Demand Base ACK). In this thesis, it may be concentrated on two main strategies for enabling the TCP congestion control mechanism to determine the cause for a packet loss. The main objective of our proposed proxy based mechanisms is to explicitly inform the TCP source of any effects caused by wireless links while maintaining the end-to-end design philosophy. However, the implementation technique is network dependent. Finally, it may be developed an analytical TCP throughput model with enhanced TCP-DBA fast retransmit algorithm to avoid timeouts. The model captures the TCP fast retransmit mechanism and expresses the steady state...
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