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Mitigating EDoS in Cloud Computing using In-Cloud Scrubber Service   Madarapu Naresh Kumar,Pothula Sujatha and P. Dharanyadevi

Mitigating EDoS in Cloud Computing using In-Cloud Scrubber Service

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cloud services are fully managed by service providers and being sold on demand and are dynamically scalable to meet infinite demand cheaply and reliably. The denial-of-service attacks have become more targeted on cloud services. The elastic nature of cloud allows scaling of service beyond the economic means of the purveyor thereby paying huge cloud-based service bills for unwittingly serving large amounts of undesired (illegitimate) traffic. In this book, Mr. M Naresh Kumar presented a detailed Introduction, Literature Survey and a brief comparison of various mitigation techniques with limitations. The author presented a novel architecture(An in-cloud eDDoS mitigation service) along with an algorithm with neat detailed diagrams. This in-cloud eDDoS mitigation service can alleviate Low and High rated DDoS attacks which can be used on-demand and is charged on pay-per use basis by guaranteeing the availability of service.
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