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Use of ICTs by Women   Irene M. Moseti

Use of ICTs by Women

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explores uses of ICT by women in an academic setting at Moi University, Kenya. It examines levels of computer literacy and use among female workers and students. It also highlights women’s attitudes towards ICT in general and the extent to which they appreciate this technology. Reasons for non-use and barriers to use are also discussed. A survey of female students and staff revealed that there are fewer women in ICT related professions as compared to men. However, the study demonstrates that the trend is changing whereby women, especially the younger generation, are now proactive towards ICT. The author argues that women no longer view the use of computers as a men’s only domain. She opines that to encourage increased usage, more training opportunities for all students, increased provision of computing resources, more opportunities for women ICT professionals, and changes at institutional level to facilitate more women participation in ICTs should be improved. The book is...
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