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The X-Slits stereo   Ludvik Pardubicky

The X-Slits stereo

136 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The X-Slits camera is a special type of camera, where the projection ray of space point is defined as the ray intersecting this point and two lines in P3, called slits. The X-Slits camera is one of the so- called non-central cameras. The images of the X- Slits camera can be constructed from a sequence of perspective images taken by a sideways moving pinhole camera. The X-Slits images can be used for image based rendering (IBR) or for stereo reconstruction. The X-Slits projection model is more complicated than the perspective projection. This model can be defined only by a tensor, rather than by a matrix as in the perspective projection. The projected images can vary much with the changes in the configuration of the camera. As the main contribution, this work provides examples and descriptions, how the X-Slits projection and stereo projection work. Then, ananalysis of the estimation algorithm, the influence of the noise, and the real scene experiments are...
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