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E-Governance in India   Anurag Gautam

E-Governance in India

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is review of current trends and strategies in the area of e-governance. In the current democracies, there is an increasing demand to bring citizens closer to the government and to improve delivery of government services. There is always pressure on the government to achieve its objective within the budget constraints, an effective E-governance solution seems to be the better way out by offering opportunities for governments to re-invent themselves & deliver services at reduced time to its various clients and Citizens (G2C), Business (G2B), Employee (G2E) and Government (G2G). Today, as citizens are becoming more and more conscious of their right to get the required services and as both the state and Central governments recognize the need to deliver faster and efficient services to the ordinary citizens, e-governance (or government 'online') has emerged as an effective instrument of administration. E-governance and Internet are inseparable, as Internet is the medium...
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