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A Fuzzy-Mathematical Model to Motion Detection with Monocular Vision   Suneth Pathirana

A Fuzzy-Mathematical Model to Motion Detection with Monocular Vision

156 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Vision based inference for mobile robots in order to avoid obstacles, is one of the most attracted areas for both domains of Computer Vision and Robotics. Computer Vision, more specifically the vision for intelligent machines enables mobile robots to perceive the external world with 'wisdom'. Therefore Vision based obstacle avoidance has become one of the major research areas of Robotics. Estimating the motion path and predicting the motion behavior of a dynamic object with only single camera (monocular vision) is a real challenge. We realized this can be done by analyzing a sequence of image frames extracted from a live video stream. But, these analytic techniques must be extremely fast in real time processing, since the decision drawn within reasonably short response time is the only 'god' to safeguard the robot & ensure the safety of others in environment! Therefore, we postulate a fuzzy-mathematical model: an Artificial Intelligence approach to achieve the ultimate objective,...
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