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Infopragmatics: an efficient method for information retrieval   RAFAEL IBARRA and Silvia Ballesteros

Infopragmatics: an efficient method for information retrieval

60 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information retrieval from commercial academic information systems (CAIS) has a wide variety of problems that can only be solved by appropriate solutions; that is, if there are language disagreements, the clarifications must be given in language agreements. We believe that CAIS cannot have uniform interfaces that help all kinds of users in their academic level, languages and experience on information retrieval, but it is clear that nowadays most young international researchers in the current digital society experience uncertainty because of the limited mechanical solutions in combination with the same target language: English. Infopragmatics is an agile method that gives acute dynamism to allow users to get pertinent information instead of receiving thousands of useless records or papers assumed to be relevant. This book offers a series of guiding evidences, theoretical grounds and practical steps to attain a linguistic efficient method for information retrieval. Infopragmatics...
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