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Evaluation of E-Learning in Vietnam   Minh Phan

Evaluation of E-Learning in Vietnam

172 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A successful introduction of e-learning requires a clear understanding of the specific situation. Since e-learning is just evolving in Vietnam, very little information is available about this approach, both in terms of its application and experience of use. The first step of this study is a survey conducted in Vietnam to learn about the current state of e-learning and the requirements of local users. The evaluation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) with checklists is a common approach also implemented in this study. Existing checklists are designed with the background of developed western countries and do not meet the general conditions in Vietnam. A specific checklist reflecting the particular requirements in situ is designed for the LMS evaluation. This study aims at providing individually customisable evaluations which produce more significant results. For this purpose a prototypical evaluation engine with the required functionality to customise the evaluation to specific...
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