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Web Content Mining from Hidden Web   Muhammad Asif Naeem,Imran Sarwar Bajwa and M. Abbas Choudhary

Web Content Mining from Hidden Web

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
World Wide Web is enormous compilation of multi- variant data. For better knowledge management it is important to retrieve accurate and complete data. The hidden Web, also known as the invisible Web or deep Web, has given rise to a new issue of Web mining research. Most documents in the hidden Web, including pages hidden behind search forms, specialized databases, and dynamically generated Web pages, are not accessible by general Web mining application. In this paper a system is designed that has a robust ability to access these hidden web pages using web structure mining techniques for better knowledge management. As dynamic content generation is used in modern web pages and user forms are used to get information from a particular user and stored in a database. The link structure lying in these forms can not be accessed during conventional mining procedures. The accuracy ratio of web page hierarchical structures can be improved by including these hidden web pages in...
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