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Workflows in Health Informatics   Hessah A. Alsalamah

Workflows in Health Informatics

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research investigates a novel way to manage the treatment of cancer patients in general, and in particular the changes that occur during their treatment journey. It examines the need for effective co-ordination between different care team members, as well as, healthcare institutions involved in the treatment of each patient. It studies the different processes each patient goes through from the very beginning of the treatment journey, even before the GP’s suspicion of cancer, down to receiving a treatment at specialized hospital. In order to demonstrate the approach a prototype was implemented using a workflow management system, which dealt with the journey as a chain of processes or milestones that are linked in a process flow. The process flow makes each cancer case traceable and notifies each member of the care team of any changes in the process or treatment as soon as it occurs. The book begins with an overview of the journey of the patient and how it could be thought of...
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