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Common Data Acquisition System for the ZEUS Luminosity Monitor   Tomasz Bold

Common Data Acquisition System for the ZEUS Luminosity Monitor

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The text of this book is in fact a PhD thesis defended under the tile "Common Data Acquisition System for the ZEUS Luminosity Monitor" at the AGH-UST in Krakow. A main topic is the description of the DAQ system. The hardware and software components are detailed with the great emphasize on the several data paths required with diverse collection quality and constraints. Namely the highly reliable collection of luminosity estimating counters, for prompt use and precise measurement. The detector channels readouts for the spectra measurement and luminous region imagining with the acquisition rate as high as 50kHz sustained by the software components. And the real-time data-path integrated with the ZEUS event selection system with the 5 milliseconds reaction time. Finally the profit of the DAQ system, crosscheck measurements and several experimental aspect of the ZEUS luminosity measurement are presented. The text should be interesting for those who need to build small DAQ systems with...
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