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Local Positioning System   Junaid Zaman Malik,Bilal Fazal and Usama Waheed Khan

Local Positioning System

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The sense of achievement and satisfaction one gets from stepping into a less-known, emerging and a challenging field and then being able take control of it is always extra-ordinary. The LPS project started out with a vague idea and was ultimately realized as a working utility. This project is nothing but discovering and utilizing the incredible properties of the Radio Waves. Being able to give an entirely different purpose to an existing hardware infra-structure is the most striking feature of Local Positioning System (LPS). In the fast developing field of wireless internet and networks, almost every building or indoor environment is equipped with the wireless internet facility these days. So the idea was to obtain an entirely different nature of work from this infrastructure without making considerable to changes to the setup. This different nature of work is to track any person in an indoor environment who is connected to the wireless LAN in that area. This may sound quite...
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