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Open Access Journals and Paid Online Journals   Archana Garate

Open Access Journals and Paid Online Journals

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The open access movement was based on a realization that traditional subscription based publishing model unnecessarily restricts access to research results, in a field which essentially is a public good. But excessive flow of information on any subject may misguide rather than opting for the right path. With this broad outline, the book concentrates on the content analysis to verify the exact difference between Open Access and Paid Online Journals. The book compares Open Access Journals and Paid Online Journals on the basis of frequency of publication, number of articles per issue, number of issues per year and number of pages per issue and per article, number of authors for each article. The book provides an in-depth information about e-journals, it's technological history, pricing and business models,and access models as well. This book is intended for researchers, librarians and information scientists and is also intended for a broad audience in open access studies.
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