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Workload Manager for Webservices in Distributed Environment   Yoganand Selvaraj

Workload Manager for Webservices in Distributed Environment

232 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book mainly focuses on integrating the web services based on distributed workload sharing environment. The objective of the included project is to develop the web service console in which we can distribute work to various nodes and monitor the web services performance located in distributed environment. The console is mainly used to manage the web services that are located in various places. For e.g. if a request from the client is processed by the web services then the console will monitor those actively performing web service and after the job completes the status will be indicated as completed. Based on input, the web services are chosen for manipulation and hence the console will automatically load the input to web services and obtain the output, we add a BPEL code to do the web services choreography. The orchestration is another important goal of the project. We show in this project, the orchestration between two public bio-informatics web services and the developed...
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