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Forensic Computing   Raza Hasan

Forensic Computing

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A computer crime is defined as a criminal act in which people commit the offence using the digital knowledge stored in the computer system. To investigate the computer based crime a new field of specialization - forensic computing has been developed, which is the process of computer investigation and analysis technique to gather evidence in a manner that is legally acceptable. Computers and internet continue to spread and occupy our lives increasing the potential for the harm caused by it through increased number of computer crimes. To deal with this rise new and advance methods of investigations are required. An important tool used by investigators to safeguard evidence for accounting who has touched a given piece of evidence, when they touched it and what they did to the evidence. The book identifies the problems faced by investigators, to provide solutions to problem faced by the investigators and further a full working application utilizing the framework with Wireless...
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