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Size Independent Bangla Character Recognition System   Nazmun Nessa Moon and . Fernaz Narin Nur

Size Independent Bangla Character Recognition System

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The character recognition process is implemented in the two stages. They are learning stage and testing stage. In learning stage, the following steps are considered. These are Scanned Character by scanner, Pre-processing, Feature Extraction, Training and a set of processed character. At first, the character to be recognized is scanned through a scanner and thus the character becomes a bitmap image. Then the boundary region of the saved image I is extracted. The feature of the scaled image is extracted and converted into an m x n matrix, which is reduced to very small matrix such as 16 X 16 using by matlab imresize scaling function. The feature matrix is then fed to the multilayer feedforward Neural Network. The testing stage includes Scanned Character, Pre-processing, Feature Extraction, Classification and Classified Character. In the phase of Classification, the selected features have been contained enough information within it to identity each character class uniquely. At the last...
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