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An Introduction To Geographical Information System   Pawan Kumar,Garima Pruthi and Saumya Sinha

An Introduction To Geographical Information System

120 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Indian internet landscape is getting more competitive day by day. Search engines have traditionally been at the heart of how the internet works, and we now have GIS integrated with Search Engines, so that not only we find the Search results but we can also see their positions on Map along with all other relevant details. Both GIS and Local Search involve several high end technologies and various factors need to be planned and considered to implement these kinds of projects successfully. The main difficulty is in lack of reliable GIS data due to volatile infrastructure and lack of fine grained deterministic data. Also non availability of properly trained GIS people and technical resources to carry on the detailed aspects of project smoothly lessen the speed of the project in a big way. In this project, I have tried to understand the technologies involved, how they are integrated with each other, what are the difficulties these types of projects go through during planning...
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