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Recommendation System in Education   Sunita B. Aher

Recommendation System in Education

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Course Recommendation system play an important role in Education System which recommend the best combination of courses to the student, they studies during their academics e.g. if student is interested in object oriented programming like C++ then he would like to learn the course like Java. So such Course Recommendation System can recommend to new student who has recently enrolled for C++ course, the Java as a course to be opted. In this book, we have used MOODLE as a free learning management system which is used to collect the data from student regarding their subject choices. Here we find the best combination of courses after collecting the data from MOODLE using Open source data mining tool Weka. We prepare the data obtained from MOODLE & check the result using Apriori association rule algorithm. We finally compare the result before & after data preparation to predict the best combination of the courses which will lead to more effective learning in a particular stream & compare the...
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