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Computer-Based Attacks on Governments   Georgiana Lucan

Computer-Based Attacks on Governments

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The apparition of the Internet has represented a huge step in helping the information to circulate with an incredible speed and in making communication better and faster than ever before. Although at a first glance it seems that the Internet is the perfect tool and a solution for reaching globalization, this is not entirely true. The purpose of this work is to explain the concept of Internet Warfare and to present the major impact it can have on conflicts in the near future. When the target is a critical Internet network of a state, we risk facing a real “virtual war”, a war which has not a classical form, but it can equally cause economic losses and terrorize the national security. The book shows that computer based attacks on governments are a matter which has to be taken seriously and it constitutes a recommendation to realize a thorough protection of data, which will contribute to avoiding such phenomenon. The work will be especially useful to those involved in...
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