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National Database   Abdullah Al Noman and Mohammed Humayun Kabir

National Database

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
National database is the information heart of a country but when a country has not any digital national database, the government of this country faces many problems to manage his population. Government spends a lot of money to make National Database and it also time consuming which is maintained manually and periodically. Money, time and other harassing will be reduced when digital National Database is implemented with full features by government. The aim of this is to design and development of digital National database System for e-governance. Developing countries has joined the race toward adopting e-governance. Use of Information & Communication Technology in government activities has become a common phenomenon in recent years. Through National Identification Number, National Database can provide much information of citizen's present activity.No need to extra work any organization or company to collect information about any person for his worthy because this organization or company...
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