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Management Information System: What Organizations Need to be Succeed   Amir Hakimi Ghotrom

Management Information System: What Organizations Need to be Succeed

128 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Management information is the only means from which managers can benefit in their decision-making. By receiving and processing information, they will be endowed with a type of insight by which they can recognize the possible options and pick out the most suitable one. While dealing with organization, managers start planning or recruiting. In addition, when considering giving incentives and punishing or when controlling, evaluating, and directing projects, they actually do the decision-making. They are always selecting and every decision they make is an action based on information. Information also plays a leading part in the management of private and family business and in general man''s improvement and his efficient employment of time and available resources are directly associated with the bulk of information which he absorbed. Information quality and its process efficiency appear in its being accurate, in time, and suitable. Quick and accurate decision-making on the part of...
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